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Product Families

Ganter product families offer perfect solutions for special applications.

  • Product Family Stainless Steel

    Standard parts made of rustproof stainless steel have been designed for use in the food sector, in the chemical industry, for aggressive ambient conditions or for outdoor use.

    • corrosion-resistant
    • precise fit
    • environmentally friendly
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  • Product Family Ergostyle

    Ergostyle standard parts combine functional and ergonomic operation with attractive appearance. Numerous design awards are proof of the high quality claim. The hallmark of Ergostyle products are five small dots.

    • functional, ergonomic design
    • ultimate design quality (numerous design awards)
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  • Product Family Softline

    Softline standard parts feature a soft and slip-proof surface and provide better force transfer between hand and operating element – especially in moist, oily, hot or cold ambient conditions.

    • permanent elastomer sheathing
    • better force transfer
    • safe operation in moist or oily conditions
    • ergonomically advantageous
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  • Product Family Cleanline

    Cleanline standard parts have been designed for use in demanding hygienic conditions (e.g. medical engineering). Their smooth white surfaces make cleaning easier and underline their hygienic appearance. Metal inserts are made of rustproof stainless steel.

    • especially for high hygiene requirements
    • easy cleaning
    • hygienic appearance
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  • Product Family Sanline

    Sanline standard parts made of antimicrobial synthetic materials or coatings prevent microbes or bacteria from settling and growing on operating elements. The technology based on silver ions is absolutely harmless for the user and also remains effective after many cleaning cycles.

    • antimicrobial plastic/coating
    • long-lasting efficiency, also after frequent cleaning
    • absolutely harmless for the user
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  • Product Family ATEX

    ATEX standard parts have been developed for explosion hazard conditions in hydraulics or gear construction. Every product includes a documentation showing the underlying European explosion protection directive (ATEX).

    • especially for explosion hazard zones
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  • Product Family ESD

    ESD standard parts are made of conductive materials which help to eliminate static charges. They are used in applications where components sensitive to static charges are handled.

    • antistatic properties
    • complying with EN 100015/1 and ICE 61340-5-1.
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  • Standards parts for profile systems

    Standard elements in this product family are compatible with the most common aluminium profile systems. Using matching assembly sets, the Ganter standard elements are easily and cost-effectively connected with the profiles without the time-consuming compiling of individual parts in the order.

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One World of Standard Parts

Our GANTER product range includes Standard Parts for Clamping and Operating as well as Machine and Fixture Elements made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, Duroplast and technopolymers. We extend continuously our product range by New Products.



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